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White Structure


  1. pick up mail/packages once a week

  2. visit the property for a general check up once a week, e.g. water plants, start up cars, and check on AC water and lights.

  3. coordinate and supervise subcontractors e.g. gardener, pool, air conditioning, pest control etc.

  4. supervise installation and utility payments (light, water, gas, internet) etc. 

  5. communicate and coordinate for disaster prevention like floods, hurricanes, freezes, power outages.  


  1. send to clean the house ($150/day)

  2. driver/transport ($150/day)

  3. grocery orders ($50) on top of grocery total

  4. seasonal decoration staging e.g. (Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, new year, etc. ($150/day)

  5. special requests/orders ($150/day) 

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